b.e electronics and communication engineering

Instruction Materials

  • Circuit Analysis: This topic involves studying the behavior of electrical circuits using various techniques, such as Kirchhoff’s laws, Ohm’s law, and network analysis.

  • Electronics: This topic covers the design and analysis of electronic circuits and devices, including amplifiers, oscillators, and filters.

  • Signal Processing: This topic deals with the manipulation and analysis of signals using various techniques such as Fourier analysis, filtering, and modulation.

  • Communication Systems: This topic covers the design and analysis of communication systems, including modulation techniques, error control coding, and multiple access techniques.

  • Control Systems: This topic deals with the design and analysis of systems that regulate and control the behavior of dynamic systems, including feedback control and digital control.

  • Digital Signal Processing: This topic covers the analysis and manipulation of digital signals using techniques such as digital filtering, digital modulation, and digital signal analysis.

  • Electromagnetic Theory: This topic deals with the study of electromagnetic waves and their interactions with matter.

Research Activities

As part of research, both Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate students are encouraged to carry out their project in resent research fields across various areas of Electronics and Communication.As part of the curriculum they also publish their work in National and International Conferences and Journals .In addition to this, 9 Faculty members (Internal and External candidates) have registered for Ph.D. Programme.

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