b.e electronics and communication engineering


     Programme Educational Objectives are broad statements that describe the career and  professional accomplishments that the program is preparing graduates to achieve.


PO1.    Graduates will have sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and
Engineering Fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze
engineering problems.

PO2:     Graduates will have the Potential to Analyze, create the program by solving
the mathematical abstraction.

PO3.     Graduates will enable to Design and Stimulate the real time system.

PO4.     Graduates will have sound knowledge on analog and digital circuits, its
functional units and modeling Complex Engineering Problem.

PO5.     Graduates will have knowledge and ability to use Modern tools during the
usage of systems.

PO6.     Graduates will be able to qualify, verify and validate the system developed for
the end-user which in turn for Society.

PO7.     Graduates will be able to enhance the impact of engineering solutions for the
need of social, Environmental Contents for Sustainable developments.

PO8.      Graduates will have ability to make the proper decision making in an Ethical
Manner for the production of right product.

PO9.     Graduates will demonstrate an ability to function as an Individual and part of
Multi-disciplinary Teams.

PO10.      Graduates will have the potential to improve the soft skills for global
interaction through Communication skill.

PO11.     Graduates will apply engineering and Management principles for the
development of Projects.

PO12.      Graduates will be able to understand the impact of engineering solution on the society and with involvement of Life-Long Learning under the context of
contemporary issues.

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