b.e electrical and electronics engineering

Programs Educational Objectives(PEO)​

PEO 1: Priming of Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering principles

Strengthen the ability of the students with sound foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze the engineering problems and develop the solutions for real world problems.

PEO 2: Sound Knowledge in Core, Design and Implementation with Modern tool usage

Impart the students with good scientific and engineering breadth by providing inter disciplinary courses so as to comprehend, analyze, design, create the product and simulate the real world entity.

PEO 3: Employability and Higher Studies

Prepare the students with multidisciplinary competency for their successful career and higher studies.

PEO 4: Technical, interpersonal and ethical Proficiency

Exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, team work and adapt to current trends by engaging in life long learning

PEO 5: To become an Entrepreneur

Prepare the students for a successful career by meeting ever increasing demands required by Electrical and Electronics profession and enable them becoming an entrepreneur.


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