CEO’s Message

Dr.R.Sakthi Krishnan, M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., M.L.,


“High aims from high characters and great objectives bring out great minds”

Every educational institution needs to implement effective learning. Fatima Michael College of Engineering & Technology creates an everlasting image in the mind of students and inspires them to emulate what they have just been exposed to in the classroom. Certainly, our college will unveil the dimension to touch the professional excellence in the most memorable way. In our institution we deeply integrate the social responsibilities with the need of understanding of highly developed technologies and encourage ethical reasoning into learning agenda in a holistic manner. Better understanding of students especially about their motivation which kindles their interest, aptitude, engineering principles, concepts, values and knowledge to build student centric education, process and approaches for enhanced understanding are our great objectives to bring out great minds.            

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