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About The Department

The Department of Information Technology(IT) was established in the year 1999 with the intake of 60.

  • Information Technology (IT) is a field that focuses on the use of computer technology to manage and process information. Here are some key points about the IT department:
  • The IT department is typically found in businesses, organizations, and government agencies that rely on technology to support their operations and services.
  • IT professionals are responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining computer systems, networks, and software applications.
  • IT staff members provide technical support to users and help them troubleshoot problems with their hardware and software.
  • IT departments work closely with other departments, such as finance, marketing, and human resources, to ensure that the organization’s technology meets their specific needs.
  • The IT industry is constantly evolving, and IT professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to remain competitive in their field.
  • IT professionals work in a variety of roles, including software developer, database administrator, network engineer, cybersecurity analyst, and IT manager.
  • The IT curriculum is designed to prepare students with technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills necessary for their success in the field.
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